9 December 2017

Lavender Garden at Ham House

The gardens at Ham House are worth a visit at any time of the year and as a National Trust member I go throughout the year, even if just for a quick walk. This time I went clockwise so the first place that I came to was the what the National Trust calls the Cherry Garden, because that is what it once was, and I call the Lavender Garden because that is what it now is.

8 December 2017

Construction in Ashfield Close

This has been a good year for construction-in-progress pictures and this one if from Ashfield Close which, for some reason, is the name given to one of the spurs off Cedar Heights. I think that it would be easier if it was all named Cedar Heights.

7 December 2017

Coffee Brew House

What was Empire Foods has quickly morphed into a a new cafe called Coffee Brew House. I am not sure why the change happened but the new cafe still has a temporary feel to it as the garish yellow is at least one coat short of what was required.

6 December 2017

A copy-cat extension

This extension is on Horsley Drive as it meets Manston Grove and is almost an exact copy of the one across the road from it in Manston Grove, the only obvious difference is that the ground floor extension does not run the full length of the house because of the shape of the plot.

I took the picture partially as a record of the change but mostly because I love bricks, scaffolding and sunshine.

5 December 2017

A pleasant corner

The sunlight can do some lovely things at this time of the year and it certainly brightened up this little travelled corner.

This is the back of Ham House taken from the main path, Melancholy Walk. This short section is little travelled as most people take the diagonal short-cut that runs just off to the left of the picture. I love little travelled paths.

4 December 2017

The wrong path

When this path was being constructed I was pleased to see the edging bricks being used as they continued the existing design but I was then somewhat horrified to see that the body of the path was paved. It does not match the brickwork at either end and so it simply looks wrong.

2 December 2017

Decorative bricks

Cassel Hospital has a mixed frontage, part of which is a high yellow brick wall which is made interesting and decorative by an unusual bond at the top which has two rows protruding, one of them at an angle. Little things like that are easy to do and make such a difference.

30 November 2017


I remember seeing lots of cormorants by the weir at Teddington but not recently so it was good to see this one perching on one of the rocks exposed by November's low tide.