19 August 2017

End of terrace

Meadlands Drive, like the roads around it, consists of long rows of uniform brick housing. This property has taken advantage of its end of terrace position to try and pretend that it is something else but the houses around it tell the truth. Instead of looking special it looks out of place.

16 August 2017

Rebuilding 21 Sudbrook Gardens

Most of 21 Sudbrook Gardens was demolished and now the replacement building is taking shape. The hoardings are substantial but enough of the new house sticks up above them for the scale of it to be seen and it is clearly bigger than the house it replaces.

The lock in the gates serves as a handy peephole and is also large enough to push a pocket camera through. So I did, though the large vehicle to the left still blocked the view of part of the house. Perhaps I will have better luck next time.

15 August 2017

Chinese bridge

I have wanted to show this bridge for several years but every time I had trekked to the far end of Cedar Heights there has been something preventing me, usually the light, and so I was pleased to get this one. It is not perfect by any means but it will do.

Unfortunately the bridge goes nowhere and Cedar Heights is a frustrating no-through-road. Bute Avenue lies just beyond the bridge and it would be lovely to connect those two roads.

14 August 2017

Linden House

Linden House is on Ham Street just north of its junction with Sandy Lane. It can be easily overlooked because it has Beaufort House nearby and The Manor House opposite, which is a shame as it is a delightful building in its own right. That is especially true when the white paint has been redone and the sun is shining.

13 August 2017

Behind Lawrence Road

Many roads in Ham have paths that run behind the houses and I like to explore them even though they often have dead ends that force me to retrace my steps. This path runs behind Lawrence Road on the north side and also goes nowhere, unlike the similar path on the south side, off Langham Gardens, that rejoins Lawrence Road.

12 August 2017

Put out more flags

I have used the heading "Put out more flags" before and I like it so much that I am using it again. It is, of course, a homage to Evelyn Waugh.

These flags are in the middle of Parkleys (the development) where Marlow, Spenser and Brooke Courts meet. This is my favourite part of Parkleys because of the courtyards between the block. The picture above is taken from one of those courtyards looking south. Parkleys (the road) is just past the hedges in the centre of the picture.

This is taken from the middle of the previous picture and is looking back towards where that was taken. Here the row of country flags continues so give us places like Slovakia and Spain.

11 August 2017

Garden at Glencorse in Church Road

The shop of the same name has gone from Ham Parade but Glencorse the house is still there on Church Road and its front garden looked particularly attractive this day. The house is quite nice too though it fails to stand out in a road with several impressive houses.

10 August 2017

Resurfacing Ham Parade and Upper Ham Road

Not a great picture because it was dark and raining but I wanted to log the work for future reference. That is how I know that the stretch of road to the north of this was resurfaced in March 2014 and Dukes Avenue in August the same year.