20 March 2018

Snow around Ham Common Woods

I hope that these will be the last snow photographs of 2018 and that by the time that these photos get posted online that all the snow will already have gone.

This is the fragment of Ham Common Woods that sits South of Church Road between it and Latchmere House. There are no paths through there, and no reason to make one, so the snow remains as it fell untroubled by passing people.

Th path along Ham Gate Avenue always looks impressive because of the trees that hang over it and the long branches look even more glorious when topped with snow. 

19 March 2018

Snow on Ham Common

Lots of people take pictures of snow on Ham Common, and I take quite a few too, but I justified including this one as it was taken from an uncommon position. I had just got on to the footpath that starts near the junction with Martingales Close and was looking right across the Common towards the Hand and Flower.

This is about the longest view that you get across the Common and that is why I took the photo.

18 March 2018

Daffodils on Ham Common

The daffodils on Ham Common waited for the Beast from the East to leave before making their appearance and for a while they had Spring warmth and some sunshine before the snow made a sudden return.

The white of the snow does them a favour, even if the cold does not, as it emphasises the colour of the leaves which usually gets lost when surrounded by grass.

16 March 2018

Fake gate

The wall in front of Montrose House is not that new now and I must have walked past it a few dozen times but it still managed to surprise me on a recent walk. I first noticed the arch and then the suggestion of two pillars as if there used to be a gate there.

Obviously the door is fake as the wall was completely rebuilt. I cannot recall there being any sort of gate in the old wall but then I did not notice this one for quite a while.

15 March 2018

White and cream

The cream house had a brick finish until recently then it had a block extension added at the front and the cream finish was added in a simple attempt to blend the two parts together. That, of course, is why the house next to it is white.

As the plague of extension claims most of Burnell Avenue the characteristic brick is being lost and the houses are loosing their shared style. Individual houses might look fine, and some do, but the road looks bit of a mess.

13 March 2018

More works in Parkleys

Maintenance of Parkleys seems to be like painting the Forth Bridge, a never-ending task. There always seems to be at least one block covered in scaffolding as major works are done.

Shelley Court was worked on recently and now they are back to do some more.

Across the road, Milton Court is also getting the treatment.

11 March 2018

Ripe for redevelopment

Several properties in Sandy Lane have been refurbished, or even rebuilt, in recent years and it cannot be too long before that happens to this one.

A point of this blog is to record things as they change and too often I do not know what is going to change until it is too late so it is nice to be able to get in early with this one.

9 March 2018

Works in Petersham Road

I suspect that this will be another example of the building looking more impressive while it is being worked on rather than afterwards, thanks to the impressive amount of scaffolding and screening that is required.