24 April 2018

Spring border at Ham House

Every time that I go to Ham House, which is several times a year, there are changes in the garden to look out for. With the onset of Spring (which so far has been just a few days squeezed between Winter and Summer) the long borders in the rear garden are showing off their daffodils.

22 April 2018

Vote Labour

There are elections again this year and that means that the area has started sprouting election posters. The Labour ones may not be the most numerous but they do make the most impact.

In contrast the Lib Dem signs are a jumble sale mix of different posters from different campaigns that have a common diamond shape which manages to confuse some voters who insist in displaying them as squares.

20 April 2018

Update on Richmond Chase

Progress at Richmond Chase seems to be slow but there is progress and on every visit, I go there every couple of weeks or so, there is something new to see, though these days I usually have to peek through the barriers to see it.

This time the progress was at the front and on the right with the large area of brick driveway, some more planting just beyond the barriers and beyond that a line of bin stores which failed to be mentioned in the promotional material.

One my next visit things had changed again with the brick driveway extended a lot further and a new (presumably temporary) fence to separate the houses that are still very much under construction from those that are almost finished. I hope that means that the barrier will be going soon and I will be able to walk down there.

19 April 2018

LS08 TBU parks badly in a bad place

The double yellow lines are there for a reason and the dropped kerb is there for a reason too but LS08 TBU ignores that and chooses to park badly in a bad place.

16 April 2018

Spring tides at Teddington Lock

There was a time, when the children were boys not men, that I checked the tide tables and went along the towpath when high tides were due but those days are now long-gone and I am as surprised as everyone else when I chance upon a particularly high tide.

I noticed this one as soon as I started crossing the footbridge from Teddington as the water was above the level of the weir making it redundant.

The tide was still coming in as I walked around the island and then along the towpath. Here you can see the ledge that boat people stand on when guiding their boats through the lock.

The Barge Lock looks a very full as the extra height widens the water and hides most of the construction. Only the stairs give a clue that there might be something in the water.

15 April 2018

Large slide at Shelley Court

I took a picture of Shelley Court when the scaffolding first arrived simple because I like scaffolding. And then this big slide arrived and I had to take another picture.

14 April 2018

Wet rabbits

As part of the Easter Celebration, some cuddly rabbits and a few teddy bears sat on the wall in front of Ham Library despite the steady rain.

They all got very wet and they look a little tired but they stayed out there anyway and I was very glad to see them.

13 April 2018

Quiet path

I use this short cut through Petersham quite regularly as it is far prettier and quieter than taking the main road that also lacks a pavement on one side as it passes Montrose House. Brick walls are always nice and here you have one on both sides. Then there are nice features like the white door and the vegetation climbing over the wall on the left.